technology – does it solve all your headaches_

technology – does it solve all your headaches? Technology moves so fast that if you blink, you’ll miss it. No one can claim that the abundance of advanced and adaptable technology available today is anything but unique. We have seen this proven both in the past and the present. It was estimate in 1957 by Robert Slow (Ph.D.) of MIT that in the 40 years from 1909 to 1949 production in the United States per person-hour increased by 87.5% due to technological progress.

Today, IT is often among the top five expenses of an organization. However, as Voltaire said, “With great power comes great responsibility.  Yet today 10-25% of a company’s total IT spend is waste due to misuse. Or just not used at all… To get the most out of technology. An organization must take responsibility for understanding what it is trying to get out of it. Unfortunately, you can’t just implement the technology and hope for the best.

More often than not, real organizational issues are overlooke because simply implementing technology will improve productivity. However, in our experience, the technology will not change behaviors and. Therefore not necessarily deliver the substantial benefits that the technical sales rep touts.

We’re not saying technology is wrong,

but it’s not a panacea. Instead, it should be seen as the “covering of a well-built home. We often find that a good investment in tools such as truck trackers and dynamic scheduling software is waste because the foundations of an effective scheduling methodology are not in place. The technology must be complement by the framework of an empowere programming team that genuinely understands how to drive operational performance.

The technology is only as good as the methodology and the people behind it. Without these foundations, the van track will never be seen, and the smartly optimize schedule will be constantly squash by agents who rule the roost and push programmers the day to their liking. We always see good system optimization being overwritte because an agent wants their latest job just around the corner from their house!

So, to sum up, we believe the starting point should be establishing the principles and changing the ingrained behaviors of simply managing technology headaches to drive performance. This will generate huge profits, but it is not a silver bullet and often requires the help of outside specialists. Only once this solid foundation has been built can technology be applie to extract the last remaining drops of performance enhancement from a computer.

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